Romantic. Fairytale. Beauty. Enchanted. Inspiration. Whimsical. Delicate. Flowers. Vintage. Magical. Sparkle. Dainty. Lovely. Princess. Sweet. Colorful. Natural. Candles. Taylor Swift. Love. Cute. Tea cups.

DISCLAIMER: If you own any of the pictures you see here, please message me and I'll happily give you a proper credit.

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About Me

♔ My name is Samantha. Most people just call me Sam.

♔ I am 22 years old.

♔ I live in the United States.

♔ I am a college student studying Mass Communications with a concentration in Magazine Journalism.

♔ Some of my obsessions include Taylor Swift, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, sparkly things and animals.

♔ My friends would describe me as honest, loyal, loving, empathetic and silly.

♔ My family and friends are the most amazing people in the world.

Pictures of Myself

vvv I’m on the far left

Me and my best friend liz <3 I’m on the right!^^^